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Stay Positive
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leo goldenchild official site

LeoButtermarket15-300x149Welcome to the new website for Leo Golden Child We hope that you can enjoy Leo’s site and interact with him and his supporters along the way.


The site has been set up in reply to so many loyal supporters’ wishes so we would love your feedback too.


The site is to allow you to be able learn more about Leo, listen to some of his songs, get the lyrics and generally keep up to date on what Leo is doing.


“Whatever you do in life, wherever you end up …. Stay Positive xx” – Leo x


union j leo goldenchildUnrivalled natural talent, genuine artist with such strong messages in his music stemming from his personal life experiences.


His Mother – Patricia Richards has been one of the most inspirational people in his life and is at the heart of much of Leo’s work. So be careful to listen to the lyrics too.


Leo has such a genuine and hard working ethic that we have also embarked on a Stay Positive School Tour – bringing his message to life whilst performing some of his own material.


The feedback has been excellent and the connection with the students and teachers alike has been overwhelming.


His performances have gained his great accolade within the music industry at the same time as building up a very solid and loyal fan base of followers … now known as the #goldenfamily.


Going from strength to strength, Leo has performed all around the UK now and has supported some very well know names …. Union J, Dappy, TICH, Wiley, Luke Friend, Elyar Fox, Foxes, Rough Copy, Connor Maynard, Wilkinson, Lorna Simpson, Giles Potter, Joseph Whelan, Miss Dynamix, Lorna Simpson and all of the X Factor Finalists …. a great resume already and more to add soon.


Some great news for this year too …. Leo has been confirmed on the line up for OSFEST 2014 on May 25th where he will perform at a Festival which will see over 10,000 people through the gates.


On May 18th 2014, Leo performed at the Birmingham City Football ground in honour of Harry Moseley and raise money for the Help Harry Help Others Charity run by Harry’s inspirational Mother – Georgina Moseley. Performing in front of around 20,000 people at the same time as supporting, in my mind, the best local charity possible … HHHO xxx.



Help Harry Help Others is a Charity that we work closely with and in association with due to the positive message, help and support they tirelessly give to people suffering through and because of Cancer.   Young Harry Moseley inspired everyone he met and during his battle with a Brain Tumour, raised over £750,000 before his untimely passing on October 8th 2011 aged just 11.  That figure rose to over £1.2 million at which point, his Mom – Georgina Moseley set up the Charity – HHHO.   Please follow them also.


Leo has a long term career in front of him and we would like to take this chance to thank all of his followers on twitter @ukleonardouk, and facebook – Leonardo Music for the natural support and words of kindness throughout.


It is you that inspire him to carry on.



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