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Stay Positive


Leo has a lot of local interest from Businesses wishing him success and there is a growing list of companies that are financially sponsoring him too.


For a young artist to gain such backing and financial support from sponsors is a great sign that Leo is on the right track with his music and his approach.


We give tremendous thanks to everyone for the continued support which allows Leo to continue his journey and bring the message and music to everyone.


Without you all, the journey would be a lot harder xxx




HD PIXEL DESIGN has simply no idea what he has done for us in terms of support and the website creation.


Paul Hildreth – Owner of HD Pixel Design, prides himself on being reliable and flexible to achieve exactly what the client requires at the most affordable price possible.

www.hdpixeldesign.com – 07502 417 997



We met Paul after meeting his Daughter – Telia Hildreth at Madeley Academy. Telia is an up and coming female rapper and Leo and I have been guiding her through her first steps into the industry and building her confidence. She really is a lovely and talented young girl and I look forward to hearing more about her in the near future.


Paulwas really taken back with the support and advice we gave Telia and he could see a big change in her since we met her and as a result, offered to design, create and host our website free of charge. As you can see, he has done such a tremendous and most professional job for us, we are so impressed with his work.


Thank you so much Paul




“Why HD Pixel Design decided to sponsor Leo Goldenchild…

I first heard about Leo Goldenchild after my thirteen year old daughter; Telia Hildreth returned home from school jumping for

joy and with one of the most biggest smiles I have seen in a while spread across her face. As of late this was a rare sight

to see as Telia has recently suffered several close family members passing away in such a short space of time.

Telia was so delighted with the meeting and spoke about Leo Goldenchild and Mark Tolliss with so much enthusiasm as she

explained everything Leo Goldenchild and Mark Tolliss had told her, what they did on that day and what had been discussed.

At that moment I could tell Telia had her sparkle back.

Definitely inspired by Leo Goldenchild’s words and music; Telia spends more of her time putting her feelings into words for

her own music literature and she is now more excited about what the future holds for her.

For this I could not thank Leo Goldenchild and Mark Tolliss enough.

Since then I have had the honour of meeting both Leo Goldenchild and Mark Tolliss in person myself. They were both very

friendly and welcoming. I noticed Leo Goldenchild’s presence and confidence shines through whilst performing on stage but yet

talking to Leo Goldenchild off stage I realised Leo Goldenchild is such a humble man and deserves more than he realises.

After everything Leo Goldenchild has had to face in life; at such a young age and listening to his story, lyrics and music

you can understand the journey of his life and the strength he has shown and it is admirable. Leo Goldenchild’s music helps

you to realise you shouldn’t take anyone or anything for granted but in the words of Leo Goldenchild himself you should

always stay positive no matter what happens. Leo Goldenchild’s mother must be very proud.

I wanted to express my gratitude in a website for Leo Goldenchild for other people to see and realise how much Leo’s hard

work and devotion does and will continue to inspire others.

Building this website for Leo Goldenchild and Mark Tolliss has been my pleasure and I would like to wish Leo Goldenchild good luck and all the best for a bright and prosperous future.”





155 New Coventry Road, Birmingham B26 3DX




Bobby’s financial backing is really important as it helps Leo concentrate on just the performance and getting the message across.


Contributing towards Studio Time, Flyers, Wristbands etc Bobby’s help is much appreciated.


Thank you Bobby




“I sponsor Leo because he inspires not only me, but the young people everywhere he goes. His commitment to show ‘anything is possible’ and the support he offers his supporters is admirable and quite rare nowadays.


My sponsorship allows Leo to carry on his journey and be a role model to the next generation.


Long may it continue and Good Luck Leo”

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