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Stay Positive

Stay Positive School Tour


The Award Winning ‘Stay Positive School Tour’ came about after a conversation between Leo and myself about how he felt frustrated with having so much inside he wanted to say to young people but didn’t know how to go about it.


We had heard about various bands / acts going into schools to promote their latest song or album but we felt that was more out of wanting to sell records or gain more followers ….. not a direction that we felt comfortable with so we decided on getting the ‘message’ across rather than trying to profit from it.



After all, if wstay positive school tour 2014e were looking to make money from it, how genuine is the message really? We are doing this simply because it is the ‘right’ thing to do and what we gain from the Tour is something far more than riches … it’s satisfaction in knowing we have made a difference.


Cliche maybe, but something we definitely believe in.


As soon as his supporters heard about this via Twitter and Facebook, then the requests began to flood in asking us to come to their school or college.


It was simply a matter of me then contacting each of the Head Teachers of the schools and setting up meetings with them so that we can explain everything in detail and give them a chance to meet myself and Leo.


Our initial meeting was with the lovely Anne Rossal of Sundorne School, Shrewsbury where we had an open conversation, and a great cup of tea.


We were asked why we wanted to do the School Tour and as soon as Leo spoke about his life, his experiences, the obstacles he had overcome and the music career he was building for himself … they were in total agreement.


We set a date for our first School Tour performance and we haven’t look back since.



Our next meeting was with 2 really captivating people from Meole Brace School, Shrewsbury … Simon Iddon and Hilary Burke. We hit it off imm
ediately and set a date to come and perform at their school.


Both performances were fantastic and the feedback has been excellent.


The connection with the students and teachers alike has been overwhelming too. So much so that Meole Brace have already booked us for another 2 visits for different Year Groups …. great testimony to the worth and value of the Tour.



Tackling issues like being a young carer, being bullied, speaking out to teachers, the support from teachers all the way through to making school work for you and keep your passion and dreams alive …. really inspirational.


Having now also performed at The Priory, Shrewsbury and Madeley Academy, Telford, Bedford School in Wigan and Shaw Hill School in Birmingham, Leo and I know for sure that what we are doing is so ‘right’.


The School Tour has be recognised and awarded with the MARK’S & SPENCERS PRIDE AWARD for the UK which Leo travelled down to CANARY WHARF, LONDON to pick up the Award …. a very proud moment in his life and our journey and it inspires us to carry on.


We are bringing such a strong message to youngsters that are really benefiting from it and we, the teachers and above all, the students are having fun whilst gaining from it …. perfect combination.


We even get messages from the parents saying how much of an influence we are having on their children and they can see a difference in their demeanor, behaviour and overall focus ….. we are so happy with that aspect.


IMG_3139 IMG_3155


The School Tour is currently in and around Shrewsbury and Telford but will be ongoing for a long time so will be travelling through various counties.


As a result of what we are doing with the Schools, we have had various organisations contact us to work with them in getting their message across to –


We would appreciate you all having a look at their sites as these organisations can help so much if you are being bullied, feel under pressure and need someone experienced in helping to listen to you. It is all very discreet and they really can make a difference xx


For more information on appearances, school tour, fees etc, please contact Manager / Mentor – Mark Tolliss on 07879 454545 or by email to marktolliss@hotmail.com



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